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Capt. Brett Wilson with a 1200 lb bluefin tuna caught aboard the Hindsight in 2015

Capt. Brett Wilson above with a 1200 lb giant bluefin tuna caught in 2015.

With 45 giant bluefin tuna brought to the docks in 2015, Capt. Brett Wilson and the crew of the Hindsight are truly among the "high liners" of the commercial bluefin tuna fleet.

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Hindsight Sportfishing is proudly sponsored by Costa, Raymarine, and Fishworks

The Hindsight's first mate, Rich Emerson, with a giant bluefin tuna

First mate aboard the Hindsight is Rich Emerson, shown above with a 600 lb giant bluefin tuna caught on George's Bank in the fall of 2015.

The Hindsight 2017 Sailing Schedule - Page 1 of 3

Below is page 1 of the 2017 Hindsight Sportfishing Sailing Schedule. This schedule pertains to all trips out of Rock Harbor. On the bottom of the page is a lnk to take you to the next page. Thanks!


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